Janet Messineo

Surfcaster, Writer, Wildlife Artist

                  JANET MESSINEO

Surfcaster, Writer, Wildlife Artist  


VINEYARD SURFCASTER  Fishing Squibbnocket with the new Lamiglas  Super Surf  11' Rod

Photo by Mike Laptew

Aquinnah at sunset

Casting into the Light             Tales of a Fishing Life

Janet Messineo

My long awaited book published by Pantheon with be on the shelves by June 2019

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How did a 5"1" woman become a legendary striped bass fisherman? Discover how she overcame challenges from the days when men were men and women were not supposed to be on the beach alone in the middle of the night. Learn secrets from her personal logs during the 1970's when Martha's Vineyard was the mecca of striped bass fishing. Follow her career as a taxidermist. Discover how to survive Post Traumatic Fishing Disorder. Identify with superstitions, quirks and omens. Witness with her the changing attitudes of her fellow fishermen and the decline of the numbers of fish.

A moving, inspiring portrait of making a dream come true--the (unsentimental) education of a champion surfcaster (catching fish by casting a line from the shoreline).

The midnight (and early morning) tales of a young woman hell-bent on following her dream and learning the mysterious and profound sport--and the art, of surfcasting on the small, legendary island of Martha's Vineyard, breaking through the strictly enforced male-bastion of fishing life to become a world-class sportsman at a time when few women fished.
     Janet Messineo writes of mastering surfcasting during the daylight and struggling with it on the beaches at night ... She writes of the Vineyard fishermen she's fished with and the fishing women who've forged the path for others. She describes the unspoken "fishing ethic" and the age-old secrecy behind fishing techniques, lures and baits, fishing locations, and writes of her own favorite spots on the island and on Chappaquiddick, of her Derby years and dreams of catching that prize-winning elusive striper; about acquiring, not only the skill of hooking and landing a big fish, but the skill of finding them.
     Full of adventure and daring--a rich portrait of following one's vision and heart


Book Cover being produced and will be shown shortly  

More than 40 years experience fishing the beaches of Martha's Vineyard